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   Occasional agony aunt whenever one of our readers needs advice, she has very good ankles and no common sense.



   Our editor introduced him into our pond circle to raise the moral tone but he is no use in settling arguments since he will stand there loving everybody!



   My deputy. A well meaning somewhat naïve young fox, a gift from Lord Dollis.



   A stone, highly opinionated lion, brought back from Tenby by the Brands on the train! He is not to be confused with THE LION , a gift for the Brands’ fortieth wedding anniversary from Norman’s nephew Paul and his wife, Rachel. The Lion stands by the water feature and has our total respect.






   This very confused creature was a gift from Pat Dunnill. He told us all he was a baby swan and those of us who had seen the film of Danny Kaye as Hans Christian Anderson, believed him. Then Pat, who is a botanist and married to an eminent scientist, said firmly that he is a duck. The poor thing suffered a severe identity crisis and continues to believe that one day he will transmogrify. We are very patient with him.



    A large bronze-ish heron, bought by the editor to protect the goldfish from others of his kind. Unfortunately, Harold was dozing when one of his more airborne kindred breakfasted off our three. Now he just stands there, gloomily sunk in grass.



   Former Wild Life TV presenter, polymath, IT specialist, Performance Biologist and pantomime dame, avid for any adventurous challenge, married to Alison.


   Our chief Headington correspondent, friend and protector of Amy, famous for dancing with her at the Pontadawe Folk Festival.

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