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   The Brands’ third year in Thame began and ended with holidays in Sidmouth - where else?  

   Page two became host to the Daisymede Diary, which entertained readers with tales of the Headington Chablis community. Alison started a MSc in Evidence Based Health Care but then she met Howie and a whole new set of life priorities emerged.

   Alison learnt of the birth of her niece Grace Edwina Ellen Brett and took a present of a blue sheepskin rug to Thame to focus on while she broke the news. Jean, however, insisted on celebrating the event by cracking open a bottle of champagne. This seemed the right time to stop dyeing her hair and by the end of the year she was a dear snowy white old grandmother.

  The sitting room was improved by a wash of magnolia emulsion. It went on so easily Jean vowed never again to bother with paper hanging.

    The Brands continued to spend merrily. They bought a wide screen TV and DVD player, a new shed, a laminator  which has proved very popular locally, twin beds, an elegant porch light and Page Plus 8 which enabled Jean to spray balloons across everybody’s birthday card.

   She grew some exuberant cosmos in memory of her grandfather and brought them indoors in their planter when frost threatened.

    Jean created a poster for the Thame Community car, which can still be seen all over Thame, and was runner up in the ‘Writer’s Forum’ international novel competition, receiving the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English language as a prize.

    Jean managed to explode a blood pressure monitor, and Norman had one of those oscopies in the John Radcliffe which revealed that he suffers from diverticulitis. Quite a lively year, really.





   And yes Jean did have to replace the carpet and curtains and emulsion the walls to accommodate its colour.