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   The Brands’ second year in Thame began with Norman’s hernia operation  at ‘The  Paddocks’, Princes Risborough,  and ended with another of the same, keyhole this time, at ‘The Wellington’, in St. John’s Wood, while Jean stayed on the ninth floor of the Ramada Plaza.

  They continued to welcome visitors from far and wide, the furthest being the Holdsworths from Russia. Brenda Johns was so enchanted  by her visit to Thame that she bought a house here though she wasn’t impressed subsequently by being caught speeding at 37 mph.

   This was the year Norman started as a volunteer driver for the Day Centre and Lord Dollis presented Young Reynard to the pond circle. Meanwhile in Headington, Alison bought out Nigel’s share of Daisymede and after Sally moved in as a lodger, established the Daisymede Chablis Clinic for all their frantic friends.

   Jean continued to spend wildly, buying a mock Victorian newspaper box to help the paperboy cope with Sunday supplements and also some excellent kitchen shelves, having desperately coveted ones Janet next door had had installed. She also planted a butterfly garden in the front, much of which turned out to be  highly coloured weeds.


   Tender hearted as are all true aristocrats, Lord Dollis spared young Reynard from the jaws of the Parva hounds and brought him to Fanshawe Road.

    His application for asylum is being slowly processed. Meanwhile, he is taking lessons from Rip in pondlish and local studies.