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   Pat has presented a new character, to be known as “frog”, to join the merry band moving to Thame. He is staying indoors at the moment, to avoid adding to the number who will need a good bath before being allowed on the Removals van. Rip and his friends say they are reserving judgment but there are mutterings that he’ll need to be taken down a croak or two. He has a secret compartment at his base for hiding front door keys but he has already boasted about this, shown its location to an apparently incredulous Rip and was indoors again before he could witness a deedy conversation with Foxy late that night.





   Friends of the Brands have been somewhat confused by their shuttling back and forth between Middlesex and Oxfordshire this month so we provide a timetable to enable you to make a little sense of their adventures.

FRI 10-MON 13 AUG Brands stay in hotel in Thame and take possession of their new house, setting up essential services and visiting Alison.

SAT 18-WED 22 AUG Brands move two beds, two arm chairs, one computer and a kitchen table into their new home and Jean spends happy days steaming off wallpaper while Norman attempts to organise their life on the phone. The Ds resign from the deal.

THU 23 AUG Contracts exchanged with Mr T.

WED 5 SEP All furniture removed from Alverne.

THU 6 SEP All furniture delivered to 6 Fanshawe Road.





Everyone thought Norman was being more eccentric than usual early this year when he planted his stock of runner beans.

        “Well, they’ll be a gift for the new owners.”

        The laugh has been on his mockers, alas. Two weeks after the last of the millennium crop was taken out of the freezer, Jean and Norman sat down to a feast of fresh beans.