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October 2000   SENES DUM SUMUS

   The years (41 of them) rolled back for your editor last weekend, Margaret having persuaded her to go to her first St. Anne’s Gaudy - one specially organised for their generation.

   “Quite like old times,” a dozen people quipped as they clambered in through Jean’s window, several needing considerable propulsion from behind. Her room - most comfortably appointed with bathroom and fridge -  was on the ground floor. The ONLY door into the building with its brand new failsafe high security lock was jammed beyond the expertise of the porter. But nothing impedes a St. Anne’s girl, however mature in years; even Jean achieved this athletic feat and a steady flow  -- groan heave ah......made it. Could you just take my suitcase first?-- continued until the maintenance man finally arrived (it was Saturday afternoon!) with ladder, hammer and a large box of tools. It took him nearly an hour to get the door open; meanwhile the steady flow continued but at least the ladies were not forced to make their exits by the same route, attired in their party finery.

   The dinner was a very interesting experience. People who had lived cheek by jowl for three years, sitting round the same table for breakfast, elevenses, lunch, tea and dinner, slipped back into their old roles immediately. The warm friendly ones were warm and friendly still, the posers had perfected if not caricatured their poses and the upper crust who in the 1950s never quite registered day school girls as fully human, now claim to have forgotten them completely. Margaret and Jean alone, of course, have matured beautifully into perfectly lovely people.




   “Peace at last,” sighed Jean as Norman and Jestyn cycled off for one of their pub lunches.

   The benecol and cucumber sandwiches were made, the latest Family History Magazine was propped up for an indulgent browse, Radio 4 was switched on for its convivial murmur and then................

    Zoom Whizz Tinkle Tinkle “Hallo. Hallo. We’re back. The Ratcatcher’s Rest was closed for refurbishment. The Haymaker’s Romp only had white bread. The beer was off in The Wasp and Weasel. We thought we’d come back and have lunch here. That’s all right isn’t it!”

Ah well...................