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In September 1998, chancing to find a selection of templates in her word processing package, the editor decided to create a spoof newsletter for her daughters. She called it the ALVERNE GAZETTE, after the weirdly unattractive name of her house. It was to be a one off item but she sent a copy to an old friend of the family, Ken Fletcher. He promptly sent her a crossword he had composed “for the next edition,” so there had to be one. Unfortunately, the combined brain power of the editor and her teaboy was not sufficient to solve Ken’s enigmatic clues so the second edition was passed on to a handful of clever friends who then demanded further issues.

The Alverne Gazette continued monthly for 3 full years. The editor soon created her own template, expanded the production to an average of 6 pages and found herself with a circulation of about twenty families, some of whom occasionally sent in contributions of their own.

In 2001 the editor and teaboy moved from Finchley to Thame. All the dramas of the move were splashed across the front pages but no deadline was missed. After 36 issues one single edition of the FANSHAWE SHUTTLE was published – they terrifyingly owned both houses for a month – and then the FANSHAWE FLYER, after the name of their new road, hit the presses. This is now in its ninth year.